SAMMNIATESE POZZI has an equipment fleet equipped for every type of drilling; it also boasts the availability of its own equipment for material procurement, managing logistics on its own.
The company organizes its equipment in equipped warehouses, where the drilling tools are periodically overhauled, as well as its machines.

In addition to last-generation machinery, Samminiatese Group owns all the components for the commissioning of the drilling rig, and a vehicle fleet that makes it independent in the logistics of construction sites; thanks to the following equipment:

Soilmec, Massenza and Casagrande equipment, equal to 14.

SOILMEC G 40 For deep perforations
SOILMEC SR 50 Equipped with CFA poles
SOILMEC SR 315 Equipped with drilling poles
SOILMEC SM 401 Equipped for horizontal sub-perforations for tie rods

N ° 10 mud pumps (duplex and triplex).
N ° 5 Vibrating screens.
No. 3 Blow up Preventer
N ° 9 compressors of which 3 at high pressure.
N ° 12 Generators.
N ° 15 Mud pockets for storage and recirculation of sludge.
N ° 5 Diggers.
N ° 5 Truck with crane + 3 Trailers
N ° 1 Tractor trailer.
N ° 20 Service machines.
Equipment for the complete cementation of mixers and high pressure pumps.