Pozzi per Geotermia

In an historical and environmental moment as particular as this century, SAMMINIATESE POZZI has decided to put at the service of the development of GEOTHERMAL, its experience in drilling, thus offering a concrete contribution to an expanding sector.

There is no more efficient and cleaner heating and cooling system for the geothermal technology environment


Wells for low enthalpy geothermics

The construction of low-enthalpy geothermal wells is carried out with small-diameter holes at reduced depths, obtaining satisfactory results for air-conditioning.
A low enthalpy geothermal well is a profitable investment and allows to guarantee a zero-cost conditioning of buildings and factories.

Wells for medium enthalpy geothermics

Medium enthalpy geothermal wells are characterized by drilling depths between 500 and 1500 meters of drilling, whose purpose is to intercept hot water sources to produce electricity.


SAMMINIATESE POZZI has transferred knowledge in the field of deep drilling to build plants that rank first in the renewable energy sector.

The drilling techniques used in these works are:

– Rotational execution with direct circulation of fluids.
– Rotational execution with reverse circulation of fluids.

By dealing with ground fluids at temperatures of the order of 200 ° C, the operational teams, the drilling, the equipment, the works of construction and the materials used must meet the technical requirements, present in all the shipyards of the SAMMINIATESE POZZI.

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