The Scardigli family has been present in the excavation of wells since 1930.
The brothers Palmiro and Egidio worked as workers in an old company that operated in the sector, although they were also engaged in other activities.
When the owners of the company abandoned the branch of excavation wells, it was natural that the two brothers, now practicing the trade, decided to continue the business on their own. Thus, with the only help of shovels and picks, they began the excavation of artesian wells using their water with manual systems.



With the passing of the years, capitalizing on the certainly not good earnings, the Scardigli brothers started to equip the company with the first machinery and gradually developed the business.
The young Fiorenzo, their nephew, at the end of compulsory schooling, began to work with his uncles when, in 1961, after having learned all the secrets of the trade and willing to freely express their abilities, he decided to give life to his own activities, constituting the “Samminiatese Pozzi snc”.



The desire to establish itself, the innate entrepreneurial spirit and the youthful enthusiasm with which obstacles and sacrifices were faced, have brought the company to current technical levels, making use of the most modern equipment today.
It should be kept in mind, however, that the indispensable support for these modern technologies is the experience that the operator is formed during the course of his activity, we could say “the hand and the eye of the expert craftsman”, who knows to evaluate which technique is most appropriate for the terrestrial on which it operates, while availing itself of the advice of expert geologists.
It is with this spirit that the owner’s sons, Lodovico and Simone, have been working for years in the company along the path that will lead them to acquire the experience of expert operators in the sector, thus ensuring continuity with the tradition of the Scardigli family.

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