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    In the construction of a well we must take into account many aspects: the SAMMINIATESE POZZI has acquired over the years a significant experience in all the crucial phases of construction of the work.


    SAMMINIATESE POZZI has used for many years its resources and its experience in the field of foundations and consolidations, transferring the company’s know-how also in this sector.


    SAMMINIATESE POZZI has decided to put its experience in drilling at the service of the development of GEOTHERMAL SERVICES, thus offering a concrete contribution to an expanding sector.


Subsoil Research & Studies

In more than half a century of history, SAMMINIATESE POZZI has been able to consolidate a relevant experience in the drilling of water wells. Today, our company combines its knowledge of the trade with the most advanced techniques and technologies in the drilling sector.

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La voglia di affermarsi, l’innato spirito imprenditoriale e l’entusiasmo giovanile con cui venivano affrontati gli ostacoli ed i sacrifici, hanno portato l’azienda agli attuali livelli tecnici avvalendosi oggi delle piĆ¹ moderne attrezzature.



Continuous renewal of drilling technologies and equipment


Years of experience and knowledge of the sector by our technical and operational staff.


Financial capacity pursued through careful budget and investment policies


With thousands of installations in Italy and abroad, we are a reality that can handle any need

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